We back our prints with a lifetime guarantee if handled, stored and displayed correctly. We recommend our trade clients offer the same to their customers. Fine Art Prints should outlast our lifetimes, but you do need to be careful with them as they are easily damaged.

What does this mean? Basically, it’s common-sense, but if you follow the guidelines below, your Fine Art prints will look their best:

  • Keep away from heat and moisture
  • Do not display in full-sun
  • Don’t touch your prints, most sizes will include some additional white space around the image to assist with handling – this does not affect your print size.
  • Prints smaller than A3+ will be packaged flat, larger prints will be packed in a tube, we suggest not removing prints from tube until they are being framed. Un-package all prints with care, rolled prints can spring open and be easily scratched. All prints are packaged in an acid free slip or acid free paper to protect them.

Fine Art Prints must be mounted behind an acid free window mat and with acid free tape or glue, do not mount them directly against glass or perspex. Oh and make sure they aren’t just displayed without any protection, dust is a silent assassin.

An important note on dust etc.

Sometimes dust can be on paper before the ink, we try really hard to prevent it, but sometimes it happens. Fine Art Papers can have material flaws in them. We’re big on quality control and if we notice any dust spots or other material issues before we package your print up, we’ll re-print and you’ll probably never know about it. Sometimes however, dust can fall off long after a print is packaged up or even framed, this is out of our control. If you do find an issue let us know straight away and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

The C-Bomb [Copyright]

You must own the Copyright or have an agreement with the Copyright Holder of the files you’re wishing to print. We print on demand from the files you upload and do not take any responsibility for any Copyright breach. We will not print any images that contain a watermark, nor will we crop it out for you, that’s just unethical.