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Trade FAQs

Hang on, we know who you are, you’re photographers, essentially one of our competitors, why would I send my clients to you?

Straight to the point! We like your approach. It’s as simple as this, if you’re not comfortable sending your clients to us, don’t. But that doesn’t mean don’t use us, it just means YOU should be selling prints to them and coming to us for the best quality printing around.

But if you aren’t keen on the process of selling prints yourself and would rather just sell files to your clients, then look at it this way… our details and our photography business aren’t mentioned anywhere on this website, and unless your clients stalk our ABN on the ASIC register, or come to our studio to pick-up, they never need to know who we are [and trust us, it’s much easier for us to manage shipping orders than having tonnes of your clients wanting to drop by, so we’ll be encouraging shipping].

If you know of us, you’ll know we are passionate about high quality printed products, in the words of Simon Sinek, that’s our WHY – we believe everyone should have beautiful artwork on their walls, we want to help your clients enjoy the awesome photographs you’ve captured for them!

Do you offer canvases?

At this stage, no, as we don’t have the equipment to stretch them inhouse, so we just wouldn’t be able to compete with those suppliers who do. That’s not to say it’s not on the cards and we can certainly talk about it seriously if there is enough interest. Let us know if you’re looking for a great canvas supplier and we can hook you up [same goes for wood/metal/acrylic]!

What about framing?

We’ve worked with Morwell Art & Framing for over 15 years, so obviously we like what they do. If you’re using them too, we offer a free delivery service on Tuesdays – we’ll package your order up safe and sound and leave it there with your details on it – we’ll let you know and the rest is up to you.

I’ve only sold files in the past, but I want to start selling prints, how can you help me get started?

We’re happy to help you with some free test prints on each of our papers – actually we encourage this with all our new clients before placing your first order. But first you need to make sure you’re working in a Colour Managed Space and know about image sizing. That means you need to calibrate your monitor, you need to soft proof using the profiles you can download from our Info Page and you need to resize any images that are being printed larger than the original files allow for.

As for pricing, this is something that’s totally up to you, we can’t give you a RRP as this will depend of your business structure, overheads and desired profit margins, but don’t forget, your time is worth money and you can’t sell what your clients can’t see, touch and feel

What about studio samples?

We offer 10% discount on your first order with us, so this is the perfect opportunity to get your studio samples sorted.

What specs do my files need to be?

Please ensure your files have Adobe RGB (1998) embedded and are 300dpi at the size you’re printing. There is no need to re-size your files down if you are ordering prints that are smaller than your file’s current size.

If you need help give us a call, we’re happy to help you get set-up for the high-quality printing you’ll get with us, but you will need to resize your files yourself if you’re accessing our trade pricing.

Can’t you just do the colour correction for me?

We could, but we know our idea of perfect colour might not be yours, or you might want something totally different for one of your shoots – if you’re supplying files to your clients, you’ll need to be doing this part anyway, and honestly, we’d hate to get it wrong.

What about bulk pricing, can you gang up my prints?

Please feel free to gang your re-sized files up onto a larger canvas, just be aware that we will only trim to the size you have ordered.

Ok so this is all well and good for photographers, what about us artists?

If you have a high-res file of your artwork, we should be able to reproduce from it, please give us a call/email to touch base first if you’re unsure. If you need your artwork photographed, we can do that too.

Can you help me with producing Limited Editions?

Limited editions can be produced, again, just give us a call or email to discuss.

Can you photograph my artwork for reproduction?

We sure can, you can order right here on this website, but obviously we need to schedule a time that works on both ends.

ICC Profiles

Download all our profiles here you can then load them into LightRoom or PhotoShop to soft proof your images before sending them to us.